The Hills, Season 1

The Hills, Season 1

The Hills

  • Kategorie: Reality TV
  • Veroeffentlichungsdatum: 2006-05-31
  • Altersfreigabe: ab 12 Jahren
  • Episodes: 10
  • iTunes Preis: EUR 14.99
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Hinweis: Diese Sendung ist in Englischer Sprache. Zur deutschsprachigen Version der Sendung gelangen Sie unter „Mehr Staffeln“. It’s one thing to be young and beautiful in Laguna Beach. It’s another to be young and beautiful in the city that values it most. The Hills follows Lauren ("LC" from Laguna Beach) as she makes the move from her O.C. digs to Los Angeles, where she will chase her dreams on entering the fashion business — while balancing a full course load at college and a full social calendar. Through Lauren we meet her new roommate who aspires to make the L.A. nightlife her whole life, the sorority girl who aspires to work in fashion, and a receptionist who wants to be a model/actress. These four girls take full advantage of being in the "in" crowd in L.A., hopping from club to party to hot restaurants as they live the Hollywood lifestyle. But will Lauren be able to handle it all when there are so many things pulling her in so many directions?


Titel Zeit Preis
1 New City, New Drama 20:34 EUR 1.99 Bei iTunes
2 A Change of Plans 20:31 EUR 1.99 Bei iTunes
3 An Unexpected Call 20:31 EUR 1.99 Bei iTunes
4 Lauren and Jason, Take 2 20:27 EUR 1.99 Bei iTunes
5 Jason's Birthday 20:29 EUR 1.99 Bei iTunes
6 Boyfriends and Work Don't Mix 20:33 EUR 1.99 Bei iTunes
7 Somebody Always Has to Cry 20:28 EUR 1.99 Bei iTunes
8 You Can't Just Be With Me? 20:29 EUR 1.99 Bei iTunes
9 Love Is Not a Maybe Thing 20:22 EUR 1.99 Bei iTunes
10 Timing Is Everything 20:58 EUR 1.99 Bei iTunes