True Detective, Season 1

True Detective, Season 1

True Detective

  • Kategorie: Drama
  • Veroeffentlichungsdatum: 2014-05-19
  • Altersfreigabe: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Preis: USD 22.99
  • iTunes HD Preis: USD 29.99
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Touch darkness and darkness touches you. HBO presents Season 1 of this searing drama series about two detectives--played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson--and their epic hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana. In 2012, Martin Hart (Harrelson) and 'Rust' Cohle (McConaughey), for reasons not immediately revealed, are interviewed separately by investigators about their most notorious case: the macabre 1995 murder of a prostitute by a possible serial killer with disturbing occult leanings. As they look back on the case, Hart and Cohle's personal backstories and often-strained relationship come into focus, all connected by one thing: their shared obsession to hunt down the killer. The supporting cast includes Michelle Monaghan, Kevin Dunn, Tory Kittles, Michael Potts, Elizabeth Reaser, Shea Whigham, Clark Peters, Jay O. Sanders, Alexandra Daddario and Lili Simmons. Continue exploring each gripping episode with ‘Inside the Episodes’ immediately following every show.


Titel Zeit Preis
1 The Long Bright Dark 1:03:59 USD 2.99 Bei iTunes
2 Seeing Things 1:02:08 USD 2.99 Bei iTunes
3 The Locked Room 1:02:30 USD 2.99 Bei iTunes
4 Who Goes There 1:01:53 USD 2.99 Bei iTunes
5 The Secret Fate of All Life 1:01:59 USD 2.99 Bei iTunes
6 Haunted Houses 1:03:36 USD 2.99 Bei iTunes
7 After You've Gone 58:18 USD 2.99 Bei iTunes
8 Form and Void 1:00:08 USD 2.99 Bei iTunes
9 True Detective, Season 1: Trailer 01:35 Free Bei iTunes
10 True Detective, Season 1: Invitation to 02:01 Free Bei iTunes
11 True Detective, Season 1: About True Det 05:16 Free Bei iTunes
12 True Detective, Season 1: Characters 01:29 Free Bei iTunes
13 True Detective, Season 1: Making True De 12:44 Season Only Bei iTunes